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The Newsletter for the communities of the Western Downland
Issue April- May 2022 Open

The Digest a weekly round-up of what is going on in the Benefice
Issue 6th August 2022 Open

The Faith Room – meets every other Thursday at 2:00pm

The Prayer Room – meets every Tuesday at 9:30 – 9:45am

For access to the ‘Faith Room’ and ‘Prayer Room’
Please contact the Parish Administrator for ZOOM room numbers and password.
Contact details for the Parish Administrator: see Contact page

Hope Blossoms
In these days of adversity, dear Lord, grant us strength to continue on a good path.
In these days suffering, grant us healing and comfort for body, mind and soul
In these days of isolation and loneliness, grant us refreshment, liveliness
and the presence of your Spirit as well as the love of family, neighbours and friends.
In the season of trial, cause hope to blossom in our hearts, as a sign of that freedom which is and will one day be ours; through your wonderful Son, Jesus Christ.