Thought for the week: 19 July 2020 (Sixth Sunday after Trinity)

‘Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?’

The largest cargo vessel ever to dock in the UK arrived earlier this year. At 400 metres
long and 60 metres wide, the operation was months in the planning. If it were stood on its
bow the ship would be a quarter as tall again as the Eiffel Tower.

But even the largest vessels are, in the scale of the sea, only small splinters floating on
the waters of the deep. Even the Sea of Galilee, which is not really a sea at all, but a
considerable lake, has its own climatic conditions, which can lead to severe storms.

In any storm it’s hard to hold to courage and fortitude in the face of baser instincts of fear
and accusation. The disciples were afraid and they accused Jesus:
‘Don’t you care that our lives are in peril?
Don’t you care that we might die?’

It’s a question that’s been asked around the world and across history; the question that is
on many people’s lips now.
The ultimate question that frames our dealings with, and thoughts of, God.

But Jesus’ life was governed by a different principle, founded not in base instinct, but in
certain understanding; in the love of his heavenly Father and in the sure purpose to which
he had been called, which governs all things in the universe, rooted in grace and

And in that knowledge and sure purpose Jesus could rebuke the waves and the wind and
bring peace not only to the disciple’s minds, but to the natural elements.

As we face this present trial, and as we face other trials, other storms which will surely
come, beyond the current crisis, the question we are asked is this:

‘Who is this One who has the authority to calm even the wind and the waves,
who is this Jesus to you?’

Theo’s Prayer, used in our ‘Sea Sunday’ online service
Heavenly Father
You are the Lord of our lives
We walk with you, in your ways
May we always seek to serve you
May we bless and honour those fishermen who risk their lives to feed is in small boats
upon vast oceans.
May we give thanks to the RNLI who rescue us and keep us safe on our shores and in our
May we remember to safe guard all the living things in our oceans by not polluting them
and thinking how we dispose of our rubbish.
Lord, thank you that you are always with us.