Thought for the week: 26 July 2020 (Seventh Sunday after Trinity

Have you noticed anything novel lately?

This morning saw the first service in the benefice at which all worshippers were asked to wear a face covering. And I want to think the congregation fo Whitsbury for embracing that new national church guidance.

It was a strange experience, but we are all asked that going forwards and for the foreseeable future, if we attend a service or indoor church even we wear a mask to help protect one another from coronavirus.

As Christians we are called to draw on treasures both ancient and new, and so in this new novel world we must explore and discover how to declare God’s grace, drawing on both the ancient and new treasures of our faith, from the Scriptures to online zoom services.

Our readings today are about potential. The potential which exists in all things. Solomon recognised that his potential would only be realised if God was the basis for his understanding and actions; that was the beginnings of wisdom. The wisdom of Solomon is still today is a byword for deep understanding.

In Jesus’ parables each thing, each object bore potential; a mustard seed, yeast, a hidden treasure, a net. Yet until utilised that potential was dormant. It had no worth. The worth came with recognition, possession and use.

We each bear within us God-given potential, but it is dormant, meaningless, even squandered, if we do not recognise its worth, put it to good use and realise its potential. But where we do, wherever it is well received, it becomes a bounty and a blessing of God.

May God grant you to take your small but precious wisdom, your seed of courage, your step of faith and move mountains and become the blessing of God in the world